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Earth's plummet! Empty Earth's plummet!

Post  Invader Imz on Sat Oct 08, 2011 6:56 am

'Why Did I let this happen?', I thought as my vision plunged into darkness. All I see now is a figure, but it seems faint." Where am I?!" I let my self wander aloud. A familiar voice echoed in my head "Don't be afraid, it won't hurt" 'ZIM!! He's gonna pay!' I felt a hand on my shoulder as my vision came back. I kicked my legs backwards as I stood up and heard Zim's squeal. "Be careful, Imz!" He hissed annoyingly. I spun around and punched his stomach. He went down to the floor in a matter of seconds, curling up. "I just ate!" He whispered as I ran out of the room, straight into Dib, Gaz, Gir and someone i thought I'd thought I'd never see again. " T..Tak!!" She looked up from her magazine, and threw a punch at me. I countered it quickly as Zim slid out of the weaponry room. I followed him, not caring that Dib was following me, videotaping the whole place. I'd destroy his camera later. I knew where Zim was headed. "Dib, follow me." I muttered as I squeezed his arm and dragged him across a large field. He dropped the camera and got kicked when he went to grab it. "You have more important things to do than spy!" I hopped into Zim's spaceship as it rose in to the air. He couldn't Invade planet Neek! ' I need to save my planet!'
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