I have an idea, but...

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I have an idea, but... Empty I have an idea, but...

Post  Chainsaw Cake on Sat Jan 14, 2012 1:58 am

Okay, first off...has anyone on this forum ever seen FLCL?

If so, I'd like to bounce my idea for a fic off of somebody (anybody). Rolling Eyes

I really, really want to write a FLCL/Invader Zim crossover. Warning - it would have at least two plot-centric OCs (it's my thing; I create OCs and plug them into fandoms I love, even if that rarely gets beyond the confines of my head. This time, however...)

Anywhore, ze plot: One of my OCs, Yasuyase Yasuko (alias, natch) comes to IZ-Earth to fight a new branch of Medical Mechanica. I'd like to work in some kind of intrigue-plot between MM and the Irken Empire, but I don't really know where I'd go with that yet. Getting back to the point, Dib would become Yasuko's very powerful NO channel (because his head is so big tongue ), and Chee would kind of be the Mamimi. Please bear in mind that I have absolutely no intent to copy the plot of FLCL; I fully intend to develop my own, unique plot, hopefully with giant mech battles, and spaceships, and bass guitars... pirat I also have an idea, namely that Professor Membrane is behind Medical Mechanica somehow, or at least a big figure in it...he and Yasuko would probably have a fight...

...At this point, I'm still wondering if I should even bother trying to work Amarao in there.

So...thoughts? Is it a good idea, or should I kick it out of my mind like a sack of unwanted psychic puppies?
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