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Perfectly Normal Human Worm Baby here! Empty Perfectly Normal Human Worm Baby here!

Post  InvaderInk on Mon Jul 02, 2012 8:38 am

I am PERFECTLY NORMAL. My skin is green because your face makes me sick I have a rare skin condition. You may know me from FelisFire(InkedDragon), Wajas(ShinyMilotic), DragonAdopters(also ShinyMilotic), or even (doubtfully) Deviantart(InkedShadows; I don't have anything uploaded yet, due to a malfunctioning scanner). My many interests include:
Rock Music((Korn, Otep, Flyleaf, etc)), and some Alt. Rock(mostly Linkin Park and A Perfect Circle))and a few weird things((Like Rainbow Factory))
Left 4 Dead((Hunters are my fave zombies :3 ))
Wolves and Cats((though I like just about every other animal as well))
Invader Zim((Duh))
Reading((Warriors, Wolves of the Beyond, Gaurdians of Ga'Hoole, Ender's Game,...too many to list, for sure))
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
The Hunger Games
Take Over The World
Find An Efficient Scanner

Oh wait. Those last two are from my To-Do List. *ah-herm*

Yeah, yeah. This isn't alot. But I swear, I'm NORMAL. Whatantennaeihavenoideawhatyouretalkingabout. ((<-Get a free cookie for being able to read that))

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