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Post  Paratrooper Lirelou on Tue Jul 05, 2011 3:21 pm

I just started my boxing career and am currently conditioning myself for the ring.I will get into my first fight soon.Iam also a current amatuer comic artist who just started his career.Boxing and writing comics are pretty much my primary hobbies.

Outside of Boxing and Writing Comics,Iam a Hardcore Wargamer and Hardcore Role-Player.Iam also a hardcore shmupper and really am fanatical about 2D Fighters.I love Myth Busting and Debating Battles between fictional characters.

As my Avatar shows, I love Saint Seiya!

Being a Wargamer, of course I am an amateur history.The Indochina Wars is my specialization.Recently I have got into Roman history,WW2 and WW1.I will soon specialize and become well read in those topics.

I have a very deep interest in Demonology and Angelology(I study those topics for inspiration for my comics),Myrmecology , Bascology, and Vampire Literature and Vampirology.

My other favorite anime/manga are Rose of Versailles,DBZ, Cyborg 009, and Ashita no Joe.

I joined this site because I just recently been watching Invader Zim on Nicktoons.I really was fond of this show and missed it when it was canceled back in 2003.Invader Zim was my favorite cartoon when I was young when it was being broadcasted.After watching a gew episodes on Nicktoons, I recently fell in love with the series once again and would say its my second favorite cartoonafter Adventure Time-for now.This may chaged once I watch the entire Invader Zim series.

I really am eager to role play!

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