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Post  Crying Angel on Tue Feb 12, 2008 10:12 am

So... I've been reading this book, Hybrids, and it's pretty cool. Like, it's set not too far in the future so it isn't too hard to imagine. But it's set far enough for nano technology to become a threat.
So, people are around technology all the time these days, right? But what would happen if a nano virus fused people to their technology? Suddenly, you'd be missing a hand, in its place the cellphone you loved so much. Suddenly, your i-pod speakers are attached to your ears. Or what if you didn't have the virus, and you lived in constant fear of catching it? The hybrids are feared and hated by the normals.
There are three types of hybrids; Blues, who are registered to the government as what they are. Greys, who are not registered and have to evade the special police force I will get into more detail about later. And the Reds, who are considered dangerous to the public - eg a gun for and arm.
The special police are called the Biological Security Force, but everyone just calls them the Gene Police. They come and arrest hybrids and take them to the Centre for Genetic Rehabilitation, but insofar nobody who has gone in that place has ever been seen again.
And alos, from the virus's effects has risen a new state of mind, almost a religion; the Omegas. These are people who are fused to a certain type or technology -- Smartech's Omega Intelligence products. These are things like cellphones and computers with omega level intelligence, which just makes them smarter and faster really. But all the computers, cellphones and and i-pods or whatever share a o-chip, which connects them to a network. But when humans get fused with Omega technology, they become connected to other people who are in the same condition. This connection allows them to send each other messages 'telepathically' over the network. Their minds become connected, basically.

Anyways, not too many limits. Just stick within general expectations, like no super-powerful Reds with One gun arm and a scythe arm and a bazooka leg and a mechnaical crocodile leg, kays? You can be a Gene Police or a hybrid or both or something else entirely... It's up to you. As many charries as you like but no power playing please - just try to make it fun for all involved, awrite? Awrite.

Name: Karen Marks
age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: About 5'5
Weight: Lighter than she used to be.
Appearance: Slim with shoulder-length bark brown hair, blue eyes. Freckles and a slightly turned-up nose.
Technology: She has a Smartech Omega cellphone for a left arm. An arial replaces her little finger.
Status: Red because she hangs around with Hack
Religion: Omega
Personality: Mature for her age and she usually is wary and hostile, but when she lets her guard down she can be funny and friendly.
History: She ran away from home when her family began to ridicule her for being a hybrid. She was wandering about the streets by herself when a boy named Hack took her under his wing.
Other: none

Name: Hack
Age: 19, almost 20.
Gender: male
Height: 6 foot 3 and a half.
Weight: umm, pretty heavy I guess.
Appearance: Dark blond hair, brown eyes. A scar down the left side of his face.
Technology: has a misshapen computer screen in the back of his right arm and hand and a keyboard on the underside of it. Omega intelligence, mwa haha.
Status: Red, because he is very good at hacking, being part computer and all.
Religion: Omega. Like I had to say.
Personality: Quiet and good at staying hidden. A weird, not-in-the-good-way sense of humour.
History: He was a hybrid by 15. He and his family were attacked by a vigilante group one night and his house caught fire and burned down. His whole family was killed.
Other: He's a super-hacker. No computer system is safe! *scary music*
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Post  Thora_storm on Fri May 02, 2008 8:57 am

((Hmm this is intereting. I'll try.))

Name: Morse Rivers
Age: 18 nearly 19
Gender: Male
Hieght: about 5'7 he gets made fun of becasue hes short.
Appearance: He has short reddish brown hair and brown eyes the color of moca and a rather impish expression.
Technology: He has a boom box/stero speakers merged with his chest, some of the keys are on the underpart of his left arm the rest are...well he just dosn't use those.
Status: Blue. But he was gray for a long time.
Personaility: On the outside he acts like a really relaxed and 'chilling' kind of dude who really dosn't care what happens one way or another. But for those he take the time to get to know him hes actually pretty seriouse and worries for others. He also has a passion for revenge against those who get on his bad side.
History: Him and his sister are both hybrids, his mother just carried the gene. But niether him or his sister were registered and thier paretns were scared to register them. A few niebhors ratted out on them and so they ran. A few years back both of them were caught and inorder to save his sister Morse let them register him so his sister could get away. Now hes looking for her.

Name: Ally Tonks
Age: Seems to be 20 or so but no one really knows.
Gender: Female
Hieght: 5'6
Appearance: She has almond skin and a round face. She has shoulder lenght black hair thats usually braided back and very hazel eyes.
Technology: A camra corder that has the screen mearched in her left hand and the rest in her right shoulder and arm.
Status: Red
Personaily: Shes a loner and stays away from people as much as possible. She really dosn't trust anyone and its hard to tell if she warms up to somone because she so quite.
History: She was in a orphanage that was desinged for the hybrids but before she could be registered it was attacked by vigillanties. She was 12 and lived on the streets, trusting the wrong people and getting in the wrong places at the wrong time. Thus the reason shes red.
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